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ANANIA’s - Specials


2 Large Regular Italians

Ham or Veggie - $8.99


Large one topping Pizza - $9.99

(And each additional topping only $1)

Beer Specials

Shipyard 12pk's - $14.99

Miller High Life & Pabst 16oz 6pk's$5.99

Miller LITE & Coors Light 12pk's - $10.49 

 BUD & BUD light 12pk's - $10.99 

Everyday - Brown Bag Special

Small Regular (Ham or Veggie) Italian,

can of Coke, 79cent bag of Lays &

 a small Anania’s Whoopie Pie - $7.49

(or make any sandwich into a Brown Bag Special,

just add $3.30 to the price of the sandwich)

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