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ANANIA's Weekly Specials:


1227 Congress St   207-774-8104 

606 Washington Ave  207-774-4639


Good through November 11th


Chicken Caesar Wrap


On spinach wrap with grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, real bacon bits, romano cheese, and creamy caesar dressing


Deli Roastbeef 


 On deli bread with roastbeef, lettuce, tomato and mayo


Cheeseburger & Small Fry


add a 2nd burger for $2.50 more


Brown Bag Special - $7.49

Small Regular (Ham or Veggie) Italian,

can of Coke, 79cent bag of Lays &

 a small Anania’s Whoopie Pie 

(or make any sandwich into a Brown Bag Special, 

just add $3.30 to the price of the sandwich)



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